REAL DEAL – Brand Cofounder takes bronze at the World Master

There are companies out there making Gis that have little or no actual experience training and fighting in the Gi.

Our founders live the message of the brand and wear our Gis to battle at some of the most important tournaments of the year. All of the first hand knowledge that is gained from these experiences are used when creating our Gis.

Day By Day cofounder Tim Mendoza brings the ultimate street cred to the brand by securing a spot on the podium in the Master 1 black belt division at the IBJJF World Masters in Las Vegas two weeks ago.

After a first round bye, he displayed beautiful guard passing in a division that is known for its incredible guard play. He beat his first opponent 7-0 and his second opponent 12-0 before being stopped in the semi final. Congrats to him on his bronze medal run in a stacked division.

Photos by Mike Calimbas