Day By Day is a lifestyle brand for the every day jiu jitsu practitioner.  The Path To Black Belt, DXD's motto, serves as a representation of your jiu jitsu journey.  Our mark was created to inspire you to never stop training.  

Started as a passion project in 2013, Day By Day was founded by two brown belt brothers, AJ & Tim, living in Hawai'i and San Diego respectively.  Our vision was to create a brand where practitioners from all over the world could connect with and relate to the dedication and balance of living a jiu jitsu lifestyle.
Together, we held 30 years of combined experience of training in the gi.  Applying this first hand knowledge we developed a top of the line gi with slick ambigram graphics and launched the start of our company.


AJ Mendoza

Lineage: Helio Gracie > Relson Gracie > AJ Mendoza

Academy: Day By Day

Location: Kaneohe, Hawaii 

Current Rank: Black belt

Tim Mendoza

Lineage: Helio Gracie > Royler Gracie > Leticia Ribeiro > Tim Mendoza

Academy: Gracie Humaita South Bay

Location: San Diego, California

Current Rank: Black belt, three degrees